Poem 1

I have decided to blog again. It’s easier to keep a tab on my thoughts this way.
(Random poem I wrote from my general Facebook observations. Normally I detest Facebook but people tend to be extremely entertaining with their updates/photos etc.)

How does it matter what you ate?

Or wore for that hot evening date.

It’s so easy to sum up your happy life,

A photo with your mistress

and another with the wife.

Your profile picture is cropped and neat

The print on your tie is really offbeat.

You try so very hard to stand out.

Bokchoy, bell peppers and brussel sprout

20 fags a day, a glass of sparkling wine,

some Coltrane for company

when you have the time.

God, you’re such a horny fake

We’re hoping for your own sake

That you’ll stop living such a lie

Make yourself useful maybe?

Find a thing or two to do

And no, we’re not counting

that girl you want to screw.

The world doesn’t need your status update

Or a list of things you love and hate.

So get back to the world you know

Then maybe she’ll give you a good blow.


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