Cheesecake story

She took a bite of the cheesecake, blueberry pulp oozing into her mouth in a gentle caressing motion. The moment their eyes met, she felt vaguely embarrassed. ‘Do you want some?’ she mumbled with her mouth full of heaven. He smiled, took a puff of his smoke and nodded his head reassuring her that the cake was hers and hers alone.

A blob of blueberry jam fell on her white kurti creating a blue blotch. She made a face. He reached out to wipe it off, his thumbs slowly touching the round of her left breast. As a soft wind touched the nape of her neck, the biscuit base crumbled in her mouth softly. It had been an exhausting day, the kind she had gotten used to by now. The monotony of the darkness before her was broken by the bright lights of a tall building in the distance.

He gently puts his hand around her shoulder in a loving grip and she felt a peculiar tinge of sadness. The cheesecake had finished. She looked at the plate half expecting it to grow another just to satiate her. It seemed like it would last for a while but it was over before she knew it. “Lola” was playing on loop in the drawing room.

He lit his tenth smoke that day and asked her why she was sad. “It finished too fast, the cheesecake”, she replied. “It’s just a piece of cake sweetheart, want some chocolate? I have some in the fridge.” When he got up to get her some, a small tear trickled down her pink cheeks, down her neck and disappeared somewhere deep inside. The plate sat empty on the floor; she desperately searched for crumbs but couldn’t seem to find any.


One thought on “Cheesecake story

  1. loved this.
    macabre sense of beauty in this absolutely loving the fact that you’re writing again.
    love the way you have have grown as a writer 🙂

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