Poem 2

It’s a man’s world.

But you, pretty young thing

Know how to play

And pull that little string

Which tug at their heart.

It’s just a game for you

A joke, a laugh, a lie.

But when the day ends,

Where do you run and cry?

You love a big fat mess

Dirty little damsel in distress?

Dishevelled hair, torn jeans

25 but stuck in your teens.

You stick out like a sore thumb

In that room full of hot dumb

bitches, who are so sweet

they make honey taste bitter.

But you are one of a kind.

Erratic? Not of sound mind.

Hey bitch. Yes you!

Look up from that book

All that shit you read

It’s all gobbledygook.

Take a break, take a nap,

Smile, flirt, sit on his lap.

Use your sharp rusty knife

And that’ll be the end of his life.


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