Post lunch

The sound of a thud reverberated against the wall and sent an icy chill down her back. She stood calmly, observing him from a distance. The ground beneath her feet was uncertain and wobbly; any move now from her end would have to be carried out meticulously so as not to attract his attention. In a deft agile motion she maneuvered herself away from his sight, slowly at first, then in quick sloppy movements. Her heart stopped as she heard his footsteps advance closer. She knew this was it, a moment in time which would change her world and turn it upside down. As she looked around the room, she weighed her options calmly. The wind blew lazily from a sleepy overhead fan which peered back at her half consolingly. Fight or flight were the only two options available and she knew better than to fight him. Of course she could just make a dash for it but he was too close now and her sense of calm morphed into a whirl of chaos when he held up the sharp object in his hand. But she wasn’t going to let him win without putting up a fight first. It’s gone on way too long, she told herself angrily and rose up to run past him in a frenzy. He struck her angrily first as she clutched at the nearby table and fell to the floor. Dizzy and half conscious, she felt him bending over her with a smug expression on his face. He hit her hard again as she felt the life drain out of herself drop by drop, then he struck one last time with more force than she could take. Darkness descended as her blood oozed out on the marble white floor creating a bright red mess.


He could feel his blood rush to his face as he hit her angrily. The whole business was more violent than he could have possibly imagined. This sudden gory act of hatred made him queasy and uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure what had overcome him and now he wished he had given that steak during lunch a miss. He opened the window to let in more air, picked up her lifeless body swiftly and flung it out with ease. As he mopped the small puddle of blood on the floor, he muttered to himself coarsely, “stupid, stupid fly”.


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