About me

Copywriter by day and night. Yes, it takes up a lot of my time, and some more. Two years back when I joined advertising I bid goodbye to all my loves and likes and could barely keep up with life…now I am more adept at sneaking time out for life.

It’s an incoherent list, but I suppose it gives you a vague idea about the kind of person I am. Broadly speaking I enjoy/get excited about/feel passionately for/love – dogs, cats, mostly everything related to dogs and cats, kitsch, cameras, old film cameras, Lomography, Diana F+, Holga, Nikon, ‘scam’ advertisements, Neil French, Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, anything vintage, hill stations and quaint cafes, McLeodganj, chocolate pancakes, Asghar Farhadi, James Wan, horror and/or gory films, Max Cannon and his ‘Red Meat’, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, blues, jazz, Banana Yoshimoto, Etgar Keret, Discworld series, skirts (the desi kind), black coffee, milk tea, notebooks, cheesecake, broccoli, Calvin and Hobbes, Benares, postcards, haiku, Sikkim, red velvet cake, making lists, white roses, discovering new places, eating, good long copy ads.

If you want to talk, shoot me a mail at shreya.srkr@gmail.com.

You can view photos taken by me here.



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